Managing Urbanization

Most of our metros and cities are under severe stress with inadequate social and physical infrastructure coupled with worsening pollution. Migration pressures are likely to increase. How do we make our cities more liveable? What can we do today to ensure that smaller cities and towns are not similarly overwhelmed tomorrow?

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How can we prevent the emergence of new slums in our cities in the future?

Re: How can we prevent the emergence of new slums in our cities in the future?

Postby » Mon Jun 20, 2011 11:45 am

India is the second largest country in the world in terms of population.Most of the people in India are living in rural areas.these people mainly depend on agriculture.these agricultural activities depend on water through rivers or direct rain .now a days there seem to be rains not supportive i.e they are excessive or areas of rain fed agri activities would result poor performance.So the people who knows agriculture have to move to urban areas for day to day there the MIGRATION arises.Thus this can be prevented by connecting rivers at least on state levels and the water sharing should be of uniform.more employment generation could also reduce migration.Thus preventing migration could reduce development of slums in future India.
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Re: How can we prevent the emergence of new slums in our cities in the future?

Postby » Mon Jun 20, 2011 5:49 pm

Rather than clearing slums and rendering poor people helpless, Its time we channeled our resources properly.

The Truth is The Rich get richer and poor get poorer.

The Best way is to create new cities , which are technologically advanced, wide roads, slightly less taxes, unfriendly and most importantly offer highest standards of living. These can be called as Economic Cities.

The features of Economic Cities are
1.Highest standards of infrastructure living ,so that the rich and upper middle class migrate to such cities.
2. Have a strict policy for making the city use green resources.
3. No subsidies to be offered by the government in such LPG which is 350rs in other cities shoild be given at non subsidised rate of 500+ rs. Since only rich people reside they wont mind paying extra if they can get a world class living space.
4.Allow any item to be imported and used within the premises of the city.For example, foreign cars can be imported without any duty but strictly to be driven inside the city premises.For transport purposes outside city , only Indian cars be used.Since, entry and Exit to the city is by a security gate,such schemes can be effectively implemented.
5. Entry and exit to the city by ID cards so that unwanted people are not allowed. The city should have a defined boundry/fence so that theives,criminals dont get inside the city. This would keep the Crime rate low in the city.
6.Use latest technology for governance and have a single complex for carrying out all govt. activities like paying taxes,license renew , passport etc.
7.Plan the city for highest and smartest standards of living. For every 4-5 streets there should be a religious complex(having masjid,temple,church etc ) ,commercial complex and healthcare complex having decent medical facilities.
8.Provide highest standards of education with foreign univ's free to open campuses in such cities.
9.The industries and business may need people from middle class or poor people, this can solved as the workers can enter and leave the city for working.they can live outside the city and they enjoy the benefits offered by the government.With time, their standards of living also improve.
10. The city should have good transport infrastructure and can also have an airport and train station in close proximity.This would enable good connectivity to the region as well as the city.

Why this would work ??
1. The rich would slowly move into these cities as it would offer better standard of living, although cost of living is higher than other cities but it would hardly be an issue to the rich and upper middle class.
2.Taxation would be easy as every resident of the economic city can be tracked and kept detailed using advanced IT resources.
3. This would mean that the middle class and poor people reside away from these cities and they obtain the full benefit of welfare schemes of the government.The money meant for poor people and subsidies reach the deserving people.
4.with time, the standards of these people improve and poverty can removed slowly
5.There should be provision for ustilising at least 30% non renewable ,eco friendly and green techniques and practices.
6.Politicians can be kept a little away from the affairs of the city and activities like campaigning should be done online and without any significant wastage of money and time.
7.Income to the government will gradually increase.
8. It will De congest existing cities, provide numerous employement oppurtunities,channelise resources,offer better standards of living and promote a positive image about India.

Some examples were such economic cities are developed in the world
1.Saudi Arabia.- King Abdullah Economic City (KAEC)
2. UAE - Masdar city
etc etc

The basic view is
"The Rich Indians deserve a better standards of living
The Poor have to obtain access the Proper Welfare Schemes put forth by the Govt."

I guess by implementing the above measures the country can progress well.

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Re: How can we prevent the emergence of new slums in our cities in the future?

Postby » Sat Jul 09, 2011 5:39 am

this is the forthcoming challenge and if we do it we can solve this we can solve it to much extent .....these can be solve by providing LOW budget homes

working with NGOs :)
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Re: How can we prevent the emergence of new slums in our cities in the future?

Postby » Wed Jul 20, 2011 10:46 am

Our country has enough resources. But the only thing we should make sure is that the resources or capital allotted to each aspect or parameter should reach there and not into hidden hands,
eg:- Budgeted amoun for Rural Development = 5 crores
Then there should be records as well as vigilence clearance for this amount that has been allotted..
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Re: How can we prevent the emergence of new slums in our cities in the future?

Postby » Tue Aug 09, 2011 12:00 pm

emergence new slums in cities prevent by
-the factoryies are not fix in citieys they come out the cityies and open in the rural areas it provaid employment in the rural people ,due to this stops of rural people come to this we can try to stop devoloping the new slums in rhe cityies
-the people who can living in the slums the governement can take action for there devolopement and increse there living stage.
-provaiding ration(food) in minimum cost by the govt
-provaiding the education in slum children.
-for them by giving teaching the harmfullness due to the there growth.and health.
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