Improved Access to Quality Education

Educational and training facilities have been increasing rapidly. However, access, affordability, and quality remain serious concerns. Employability is also an issue. How can we improve the quality and the utility of our education, while ensuring equity and affordability?

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Should vocational streams have the same access to higher education as academic streams? If so, how?

Re: How can faculty of high international standing be attracted to such institutions? What kind of incentives should be provided? What kind of institutional/governance structure should be devised for this purpose?

Postby » Mon Nov 21, 2011 2:04 am

If top, established faculty are not coming to our universities, it is because they are not being enticed enough. One can study the ways in which other universities attract established faculty to their university and replicate the model. Some standard offers made are:

1. Better pay. This is a huge plus. It often happens that a well established theory (practical) faculty is not getting the respect he deserves in his current position. Another place can entice him with better pay, a chair or such.

2. Better research facility. Sometimes an established faculty may have an idea that he is not able to implement because of lack of funding. If the university volunteers to pay for it, it can entice him.

3. Prestigious administrative positions, like dean director etc. But these make sense only if they imply higher pay, perks etc.

4. Better opportunities for spouse.

5. Better quality of life. Better town with better weather, more facilities, malls etc. Better schools for kids, better weekend life.

Typically it is hard to attract established faculty to move because they are usually too settled in a certain way of life. One can however keep an eye on those who may be willing.

The institutional/governance structure is obvious. Universities must have the autonomy to decide the package - including pay and perks - it is willing to offer, based on its own capabilities and needs. Currently universities cannot play this card to attract faculty because of govt rules.

One can also look at people from industry who would be excellent in academia - former planning commission members, RBI economists, and other established people from industry. Again, to attract them similar things would be needed.
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