Managing Urbanization

Most of our metros and cities are under severe stress with inadequate social and physical infrastructure coupled with worsening pollution. Migration pressures are likely to increase. How do we make our cities more liveable? What can we do today to ensure that smaller cities and towns are not similarly overwhelmed tomorrow?

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How can we prevent the emergence of new slums in our cities in the future?

Re: How can we prevent the emergence of new slums in our cities in the future?

Postby » Thu Feb 03, 2011 7:40 pm

Most common causes of slums are unwanted population migration in that city As they are not calculated they leave extra burden on cities resources. Let have a system where any non resident have to take work permit to live and work in that specific city. This will not only reduce unwanted population migration but also can control the flow of population for which city is not planned. City will allowed only the number of people that is wanted by city.
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Re: How can we prevent the emergence of new slums in our cities in the future?

Postby » Thu Feb 03, 2011 8:24 pm

Its very simple. Go to the root cause of slums. Un-Employement in rural areas. Lack of livelihood in rural areas. Poor facilities in rural areas which makes life hell difficult. They are forced to live rural areas for their and their family survival. Provide a basic livelihood facilities, better quality of life, better future. They really don't care much about growth figures, because they fight for their survival every single day. Change the shape of rural India, new slums will never come and existing slums will start vanishing away automatically. These all are absolutely doable. We have to divert opportunities in all over india in balanced fashion. Every small city should get a chance of handling opportunities available. This will prevent migration to happen. Burdens of Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hydrabad, Kolkata, Chennai will be shared by hundreds of other small cities in all states. This in turn grow local economy of state, which in turn improve inclusive growth.
And once more time i would like to remind it is absolutely doable if we start acting towards it now. Its not just government job, its every indian job and added responsibility.

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Re: How can we prevent the emergence of new slums in our cities in the future?

Postby » Fri Feb 04, 2011 9:27 am

We have been investing in building homes for poor.. but that has not prevented in slums being emerging again and again.. which is because you give a home to poor after replacing him from slum.. he will rent that house and go back to slum again.. there is no check whether the poor is actually making use of such benefits or not..
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Re: How can we prevent the emergence of new slums in our cities in the future?

Postby » Fri Feb 04, 2011 9:59 am

We need visionary leaders to govern our cities with good high speed mobility system to ensure our cities are free from Slum

The history of Local Governments in India is more than three hundred years. Within these years process of managing cities has also changed all over the world including India. There are many factors do affect these changes particularly in India including informal settlement or called as Slum. Today there number in urban composition is not less than 25% no matter big or small. Many often people belonging to informal settlements are the one decide the people to govern our cities because of their participation in elections over others. Yet they are future has not yet changed over the years, in spite of India's growth story.

However, to overcome the syndrome Govt. of India introduced many political driven programmes in past i.e. National Slum Development Programme, Valmiki Ambedkar Yojan, Basic Services for Urban Poor and Integrated Housing Slum Development Programme. Unfortunately all these programmes grounded before its real takeoff. But some city because of Mayors and Officials certainly improved the situation, where as others not.

For the first time Govt. of India is getting ready to support cities in Rajib Awas Yojana as "Slum Free City Planning". Hopefully this programme will continue for a long term and ensure improving the housing condition of poor in Urban India including provision of livelihood & infrastructure.

I believe slum is a outcome of reduction in housing stocks and deterioration in urban mobility. Many cities all over the worlds are able to solve their problem of Slum by increasing affordable housing and integrating with mobility. The example of Singapore, Curitiba in Brazil, Shanghai in China, Bogota in Brazil or the developed world like Seoul, London, Paris, Tokyo etc. Each city prepared master plan that was implemented but our cities produced Master plans to meet the need of Legislative requirements and not implementable. In recent study identified many of the master plan found their way into Archives than real implementation.

I believe rental housing is required of the hour for India with appropriate mechanism. Not really a Judiciary system but though a Metropolitan Commissioner concept can be thought.

The master plan need not require reserving land for Slum but for affordable housing and the planning exercise may be done for shorter period than twenty / thirty years.

Another aspect is organizing timings for cities working, business and informal hawking hours. So that a hawker need not need to be in city for business but can come certain number of hours / days and return home using good public transport system.

Apart from all these it’s high time India need to seriously consider / explore introducing fast moving train system connecting nearby cities. Once a high speed train system is placed, it will encourage people to return back to their original place including hawkers. That will also reduce the formation of slums and social issues like Crime, HIV/AIDS, and Drugs etc. The time for Blame game between Politicians / Bureaucrats / Planners needs conclusion for the best interest of our nation.

So the biggest challenge of overcoming the situation is inconsistency in programmes targeted for the purpose of Urban Poor, lack of visionary leadership, mobility, access to affordable housing.

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Re: How can we prevent the emergence of new slums in our cities in the future?

Postby » Fri Feb 04, 2011 1:21 pm

This is negatively asked question. Slums are not the only problem in metros. With NREGA working (in whatever capacity) migration to cities have reduced. The slum will stop flourishing once govt provide amenities in rural areas. This is mere vote bank politics to provide amenities and tax relief to urban rich who don't even wish to pay the right taxes.
1. Tax on urban amenities like cars, air-condition, malls, liquor etc can be increased.
2. the earned revenue can be invested in rural areas for projects like NREGA.
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Re: How can we prevent the emergence of new slums in our cities in the future?

Postby » Fri Feb 04, 2011 3:16 pm wrote:When some one goes to live in slums? answer is very simple, when he or she doesn't have any home to live in. Govt. should build low cost building for the residents of slums. In "Jyouti Basu nagar" in Rajarhat in WB houses has been built.

I agree!! Government cannot run away from its duty towards citizens of India. It has to include all sections of society in its growth agenda. I think the people living in slums also serve a purpose. All the urban households are able to live a comfortable life because some washer-man is washing their clothes, some auto rikshaw puller is taking them to office. The real solution will be to bring these section of society in main stream.
I propose some solutions for doing it. The list is not exhaustive, so I request you all who are reading this post to contribute in the list.
1.Companies in the organized sector should be mandatorily asked to prepare dwellings for workers and maintain hygenic conditions.
2.Workers working in unorganized sector should be given assistance by the government in form of subsidized food, health insurance and education
3.The migrant workers can be given Id-cards so that they can access rationed food from Public Distribution System(PDS).

Rakesh Agarwal
IIT Delhi
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Re: How can we prevent the emergence of new slums in our cities in the future?

Postby » Sat Feb 05, 2011 8:29 am

In order to prevent something, first of all we should understand the cause.
What causes slums?
In one word: Poverty right? How to eradicate poverty?
1.Create job opportunities for the poor in rural as urban area by 1st giving them the training and education required and then keeping a regular check to ensure that they are not being exploited by being paid less or some other reasons.
2.Farming and other rural industries should be encouraged by giving them incentives and loans and the latest advancements and technology for doing their work should be informed so that they achieve efficiency and profit.
3.The rural education system should be improved by appointing good experienced teachers and they should be paid well and a committee should be appointed to secretly check if the quality of teaching is good.
4.Rural activities should be encouraged by appreciating their work for ex. giving then National Awards for the hard work done.Why should only the film industry and cricket players benefit from National Awards?Each profession ought to be given equal importance and awards should be for various professions be it sweepers, bus conductors, garbage collectors,teachers,drivers,engineers.Because they wouldn't have reached the heights they are now,without the efforts of these people.These people are the real heroes of the nation.
I this way they will develop a liking for their work and work even better to prove their worth.
5.Cleanliness of the rural region should be taken care of in order to prevent any epidemics.Hospitals with latest facilities should be set up.
6.People who are below the poverty line should be given shelter, food and clothing till they can stand on their own feet and work to earn a living.
7.Alcohol and tobacco should be banned across India.Since it puts a pull stop on the progress.
8.People exploiting the poor should be severely punished.
More ideas are welcome :)
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Re: How can we prevent the emergence of new slums in our cities in the future?

Postby » Sat Feb 05, 2011 11:08 am

Concentrating development in metros and neglecting rural india is the primary cause of migration to cities and resultant chaos and slums ,poverty in metros.
The policies should be formulated so as to give importance to improving living conditions in rural areas by developing rural economy like agriculture,irrigation and infrastructure.The development must be evenly spread out,to develop tier 2 and 3 cities,rural industries must be supported and backward areas of the country must be adequately developed by promoting industries,education and infrastructure.Government must formulate policies that reduce migration to cities
from rural india.

Policymakers must understand why there is migration to metros by the rural peoples and take steps for developing low tiers cities and towns into future metropolises.
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Re: How can we prevent the emergence of new slums in our cities in the future?

Postby » Sun Feb 06, 2011 7:52 am


I think it is not possible to prevent slums from our cities

1. people come from small villages to metro city for employement are not havinge enough money.

2. In metro cities cost of living is too high and basic reason is corruption.

I think if we need to control slum first we need to increase employment in rural areas and need to control corruption.
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Re: How can we prevent the emergence of new slums in our cities in the future?

Postby » Mon Feb 07, 2011 9:13 am

Hailing all the citizens for a Sustainable Development

Any development will yield effective results only when it is sustainable. Planning on isolated fronts hasn't given the much desired outcome in past & a similar approach is unlikely to yield any realistic development in future too.

Any sustainable development has to imperatively target the triple-bottomline i.e a holistic balance of social, economic & environmental development . It is like a table balanced on three legs. Treating one leg in isolation would only leave the table unstable.

It’s high time that thinking primarily in terms of economic growth is done away with. Today the society is witnessing an unprecedented state of turmoil. There seems to be unrest & dis-satisfaction prevalent across the society. Voice of separatism in terms of seperate state, administration, and reservation in various parts of the motherland are just the tip of an iceberg.

Inclusive growth has remained elusive & distrust on the policy makers & implementors prevails. With the prevalant farmers suicides, the newer generation villagers going for alternate means of livelihood or migrating to the cities in search of so called "greener pastures " is becoming a norm. Unable to match the harsh lifestyle of today's villages/metros, more & more such youths are turning to so called "illegal means" for a quick immitation of the city lifestyle. What will earning millions do when billions are envying those millions?. Further, the ever-increasing population in the cities causes infrastructure bottlenecks (Traffic Jams, Noise, Air, Water Pollution/Shortage, Slums etc are just a part of this) Clearly the sole focus on economic development & that too in only selective pockets has left behind a major chunk reeling under under-development & this majority is indicating its distrust & dis-satisfaction in the form of present day turmoil in the society. Does India still live & that too happily in its villages?

It’s high time for action. It’s high time for thinking about the other legs (societal & environmental development too). It’s high time to implement inclusive growth. Make the villager feel happy & satisfied in his native place lest they rebel making both cities as well as villages wiped by the complete iceberg!

My suggestion : Draw-up a framework realizing the above challenges & then break up into sub-modules(sub-areas for focus) to achieve "Sustainable Development"

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