Rural Transformation and Sustained Growth of Agriculture

Rural India suffers from poor infrastructure and inadequate amenities. Low agricultural growth perpetuates food and nutritional insecurities, which also reduces rural incomes. How can we encourage and support our villages in improving their living and livelihood conditions in innovative ways?

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MGNREGS has succeeded in mitigating rural distress. What are its other effects and what should be done?

How can we improve the quality of rural housing under IAY?

Postby » Tue Feb 15, 2011 9:47 am

How can we improve the quality of rural housing under IAY?
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Re: How can we improve the quality of rural housing under IAY?

Postby » Wed Feb 23, 2011 11:22 am

if we carefully look at the IAY policy, it clearly states that the housing can be done in local material. however, this is not a very well known fact with the distrait administration and thus at the grassroots.
Money from IAY is usually used by the villagers in building brick or stone houses. a brick or stone house is considered as the only permanent resident. however, it challenges the traditional rural technology and its response to the the climate and weather condition.
i would like to cite a classic example of rural Bihar. i have been working in north west Bihar in the kosi flood affected area. one stark observation there was that the brick houses built under IAY or otherwise suffered the same amount of if not less, damage as the traditional bamboo houses. However with little technological advancement, bamboo houses were found to be more durable during floods and was possible to be built in the IAY money (IAY money was found insufficient for brick houses).
thus maybe as part of IAY, there needs to be some sort of capacity building on the aspects IAY for the district administration and funds should be made available under IAY for innovation/research in the local housing material and cost effectiveness.

thank you
Priya Chavan
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