Rural Transformation and Sustained Growth of Agriculture

Rural India suffers from poor infrastructure and inadequate amenities. Low agricultural growth perpetuates food and nutritional insecurities, which also reduces rural incomes. How can we encourage and support our villages in improving their living and livelihood conditions in innovative ways?

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MGNREGS has succeeded in mitigating rural distress. What are its other effects and what should be done?

How can the PMGSY programme be improved even further?

Postby » Tue Feb 15, 2011 9:46 am

How can the PMGSY programme be improved even further?
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Re: How can the PMGSY programme be improved even further?

Postby » Fri Feb 25, 2011 7:07 pm

PMGSY programme needs to look at employing intermediate technologies in every aspect of road building including the black topping. currently in all parts of India the ministry has worked only on conventional hot mix system of construction which only provides speed in construction when highly mechanised. this system easts around employment creation opportunity for 100 mandays per Km when compared to use of cold mix technology employing intermediate system fo construction i.e. concrete mixers. the previous plan document suggests to involve co-operatives and village committees to take up the jobs for construction of these roads. the objective is to employ those systems of construction which are human intensive, still provides speed.
Lastly, cold mix is a clean technologies saves around 1000 Km of fuel oil burning per km of black-topping and hence, proper holistic and 360 degrees analysis should be made to create necessary platforms for private investments to work on implementing these rural roads based technologies for socio-economic and environmental success to people and the nation
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