Rural Transformation and Sustained Growth of Agriculture

Rural India suffers from poor infrastructure and inadequate amenities. Low agricultural growth perpetuates food and nutritional insecurities, which also reduces rural incomes. How can we encourage and support our villages in improving their living and livelihood conditions in innovative ways?

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MGNREGS has succeeded in mitigating rural distress. What are its other effects and what should be done?

How can water use efficiency be improved in Indian agriculture?

Postby » Thu Feb 10, 2011 12:35 pm

How can water use efficiency be improved in Indian agriculture?
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Re: How can water use efficiency be improved in Indian agriculture?

Postby » Thu Feb 10, 2011 9:03 pm

I think that the focus should be more on creating awareness among farmers on what crop would be better corresponding to specific availability of water resources in that region.

My suggestion is not some loose string but i am basing my idea on the economic theory of externalities

Government needs to focus on the net production of a crop over the whole region. It would take enormous resources and money to develop some area like Kadapa to produce crops with high water requirement. Even the returns incurred by the such a project would not be a viable for further growth process.

Hence the government should make a detailed analysis of soil nature in various parts of the country and should come up with a list of all the crops which are suitable for production in that region. It should also make an analysis of all the crops that would be suitable to that soil for various levels of water availability

This would enable the government to

1) Know about all the regions which are inefficiently used for agriculture.
2) Government then knows to target which regions to improve productivity of a crop rather than focusing on the entire country.
3) It would enable government to decide allocation of water resources to various parts of the state.
4) Decrease the burden of un-necessary losses in the form of excess irrigation projects.

A similar project is being conducted in Tamil Nadu recently and was found to be successful. But there should be a centralized and efficient mechanism to this.

This idea if implemented properly would perhaps would change the Agricultural scenario of the nation for good and for ever.
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Re: How can water use efficiency be improved in Indian agriculture?

Postby » Tue Oct 11, 2011 6:24 am

The water use efficiency can be improved by the variety of measurers. Before this, we must have to concern and think about the rainfed agriculture. It is so much important to manage the natural rain water in rainfed farming to improve the rain water use efficiency.
In general, we may have the practices that rain water use efficiency may be inproved as by IN-SITU moisture conservation by adopting the innovative sowing methods viz mostly BBF system and the farm implements which help to do so.
I am sure that BBF method of sowing which offers rain water conservation and increases the yield of crops. For BBF we have solution that we may use the implements which directly sown the seed and prepared the BBF at atime.
So friend,,, we may have to concentrate on the rain water use efficiency for the large number of farmers in the INDIA
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