Securing the Energy Future for India

Faster and more inclusive growth will require a rapid increase in energy consumption. Since we have limited domestic resources, how can we meet this need equitably and affordably without compromising on our environment?

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Most of our coal reserves are in forests; imported coal is costly. How can we meet our demand for coal without affecting biodiversity or incurring excessive costs?

Re: How to Increase Efficiency of the Existing Energy Infrastructure?

Postby » Wed Dec 21, 2011 7:40 am

1. Most of the industries are still running the age old equipments with more wastage of energy than usage ,retrofitting can be a better option if not replacement . Incentives need to be given to appreciate those who take the efforts to reduce the consumption.

2. Baseline energy consumption norms/guidelines to be devised .
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Re: How to Increase Efficiency of the Existing Energy Infrastructure?

Postby » Thu Jan 12, 2012 5:57 pm

Good Evening,

The power sector is in a situation where around 35% of it is wasted in transmission or in pilferage. One area where the Planning Commission can look in to is the agriculture sector. Most of the states should eliminate the concept of free power to agriculture which provides free and unreliable power to the farmer. Let there be subsidised units for each farmer which can be used by him. Doing this will make the agriculture sector judiciously use the units consumed and also lessen the amount of reactive power.

Privatisation of coal mines is an important factor which can lead up to energy efficiency. Each individual buyer has to process, clean and burn his coal at his own cost, which are according to a standard set by the Central body.

Raghavendra Alladi
National Power Training Institute
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