Securing the Energy Future for India

Faster and more inclusive growth will require a rapid increase in energy consumption. Since we have limited domestic resources, how can we meet this need equitably and affordably without compromising on our environment?

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Most of our coal reserves are in forests; imported coal is costly. How can we meet our demand for coal without affecting biodiversity or incurring excessive costs?

Re: How to Expand Domestic Energy Resource Base?

Postby » Wed Jun 15, 2011 4:00 pm

I don't understand why are we moving so slowly towards exploring more options in the Solar technology. I suggest 100% subsidy on all solar energy related equipment for atleast 3 years!! This may be accompanied with tax benefits for R&D in solar technology. Also atleast in metros, use of solar devices must not only be encouraged but also be made mandatory to an possible extent!
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Re: How to Expand Domestic Energy Resource Base?

Postby » Wed Jun 15, 2011 4:09 pm wrote:That's an excellent question! Ours is an energy starved nation which clearly hinders our development. As we can see, most of our expenditure goes into purchasing crude oil etc. from abroad. We can take the example of Brazil who, very intelligently, have converted their car engines to be compatible with Ethanol !! Surprisingly, India also produces a large quantity of Sugarcane and hence can easily adopt this model.
Secondly, we should tap the vast hydro potential available in the country. I, being associated with power sector, happen to know the fact that India has a mammoth 15000 MW worth of untapped hydro power potential available in the Brahmaputra basin. I think some bold decision to invest heavily in this sector will certainly help the country in the long run !

I guess 10% blending is done in India? Bio- ethanol and bio-fuels may prove to be quite useful considering the heavy demands of petrol in India
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Re: How to Expand Domestic Energy Resource Base?

Postby » Wed Jan 18, 2012 7:51 am

Deep cretaceous rocks trap oils in what are called the Pre sal oilfields. Alongwith the presal oil found along the Brazilian coasts it is stated that the coasts of Africa which is known to have the same geology as brazil.India could also do exploratory missions besides exploratory expenditures are lower than developmental expenditures. India must also perform expedition to find out about presal oil. While competing for oil blocks it is tough to ultimately achieve it. But discovering it alongwith partnership with others viz consortium is cheaper and less competitive. COMRA having won contract by ISA might also be an expedition to find out about presal oil on African shores. Hence india must always remain alert to that. India must also send ONGC to aid petrobras in presal oil exploration and development. It should also allow OVL to explore for presal oil on the coasts of Africa. There should be interlink between the both units whereby both could exchange info, share ideas and viewpoints for exploration.

Rohit Sunny
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Re: How to Expand Domestic Energy Resource Base?

Postby » Sun Jan 29, 2012 8:49 am

1. Solar Energy (High Priority)
2. Wind Energy (Med Priority)
3. Hydro Power (Lower Priority)

It is time to give emphasis on the above mentioned alternet energy sources. These alternet sources as mentioned having huge potential to become a massive alternate sources across country.

To implement that we need public-private ventures for each of those sectors, need govt fund & encouragement in setting up the manufacturing facility for solar, wind & hydro power specific hardware & software within India. wondering, we don't have a recognized private sector company for solar cell manufacturers. We can easily turn the huge demand worldwide for solar equipment into favors by manufacturing here in India instead of importing them & creating more jobs, make no tax free for importing such equipments.

Need to setup a public sector company functioning similar like ONGC which will specifically be involved in finding new location for solar/wind base, modern & more efficient equipment for generation & supervision, supply through usages of grid.

1. The mass production of such alternate of source electricity(solar, wind, water)can be used to make less dependency in coal based gradually.

2. Again, to make less demand in fossil Oils, we need to encourage(putting less tax) electric cars for which each & every station should have charging facility. The power source will be the grid power which in turns is supplied from solar/wind/water energy sources.

3. encourages more for usages of solar energy in small appliance wherever possible for urban & rural areas.
For Urban make it mandatory for having 1)solar panel in rooftop for every new buildings approved. 2) use the solar source for street lights & traffic signal. 3) citi buses to run on electricity ...etc
For rural market - 1) use solar lantern 2) solar heater & cooking appliances 3) solar pumps(which is common across rural areas) etc.
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