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Technological and organizational innovation is the key to higher productivity and competitiveness. How can we encourage and incentivize innovation and their diffusion in academia and government as well as in enterprises of all sizes.

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Apart from the existing agricultural extension system, what alternatives are there to improve the flow of technology to farmers?

Re: How to reduce the artificial divide between academic teaching and research institutions in India?

Postby » Tue Nov 22, 2011 7:19 pm

I would give the following pointers to give the short comings in Indian education system:
1) Too much emphasis on grade: This has hampered the thinking side of students. Many graduates don't know to apply basic things that they have learned during their course. Solution: The papers should be set such that it should check the knowledge of the student to apply his/her knowledge for finding the solution rather then asking a textbook question to which there would be a word to word answer.
2) Lack of student interest: Most of the students think that they will pass their exams by doing rote of their books. Solution: Teach students in a manner that they can relate to and not just going by the text book.
3) lack of Quality Guidance: There is shortage of quality guidance and i think there should be some way that students can interact with better faculties. Solution eg: An engineering student should be given a specific ID during admission through which he can ask any doubt to professors who are expert in their respective fields. This will help to keep the student interested in the field and bring out the best in many students.
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